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Recommend Coffee Annan and Enjoy Complimentary Coffee

Give your company or business partners a chance to receive top-quality coffee without paying more. Help your colleagues enjoy the best cup imaginable and receive one month of complimentary coffee for your personal use.

Sergey Walter
May 17, 2023

Enjoy Complimentary Coffee for One Month

How to get your complimentary coffee? It's simple. Just refer your company or business partners to us, and as a thank you, you will receive one month of complimentary coffee for your private use.  

Have you found your favourite yet? Choose from a wide range of varieties and roasts. We do offer the perfect coffee for every taste.

Find Your Personal Favourite With Our Coffee Finder

Will it be the aromatic Arabica or the rugged Robusta? Do you prefer a nutty, chocolatey or fruity flavour?
Which variety suits you perfectly? Our popular finder will tell you in a few easy steps.

Check out our coffee finder.

Are you still undecided about which variety to choose? Why not organise a tasting in your office? Please take advantage of our offer and order a free sample for the office.

Your colleagues will surely appreciate exploring coffee that tastes genuinely great! 

Your Guide to Complimentary Coffee

Would you like to help your company enjoy good, sustainable coffee and get your favourite blend for free?

How it works
Introduce Coffee Annan and our products to the responsible party in your company, and then send us their telephone number or email address for follow-up.

As soon as a subscription has been made, you will receive a month's supply of your favourite blend for free.

Good Coffee for a Good Mood in the Office and a Good Conscience

It's easier to imagine office life with the popular pick-me-up, whether as a welcome energy booster in the morning, during the shared break or the heated discussions in the team meeting. A good cup helps you have a pleasant and productive working day and is an ideal little treat.

Office Coffee, With Added Appeal

Your colleagues can look forward to enjoying the best organic coffee. At the same time, you can contribute to a better world where equal opportunities are no longer wishful thinking, and everyone gets a fair share of the profits. With a strong network of producers behind us, we ensure that most of the profit stays in the country of origin, allowing farmers and their families to live a better and more independent life.

Coffee Annan is much more than just a great cup of coffee! 

Recommend Coffee Annan and enjoy 

Bitter-tasting, inferior coffee in the office? That's not how we define employee motivation!

High quality, fair trade and tasty to boot - that sounds expensive. But it doesn't have to be. You can buy directly from the producer - fairly traded and roasted in the country of origin. That's what sets us apart from 99% of retailers.

Coffee Annan: Always There for You!

Do you have any questions about this promotion? Just write to us. We will be happy to advise you.

Email us at:

Alternatively, you can book a non-committal consultation with one of our experts.
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Your company deserves the best possible coffee. Organically grown, ethically sourced and specifically chosen for your team.

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Sergey Walter
May 17, 2023